Profile and facts

Our customized resin systems for electrical and electronic components have become indispensable in the automotive, home, engineering and energy sectors.

Wevo in a nutshell

We are specialists in casting, bonding and sealing. Wevo develops and produces resin systems, primarily for use in electrical and electronic equipment, and in particular for automotive electronics. Here, Wevo products protect sensitive electronic components against humidity, chemicals, high temperatures, dust and foreign matter. In short, Wevo products ensure safety and efficiency.

75 years of experience in material science and product development combined with stringent quality controls give Wevo casting systems a level of quality that is indispensable for our customers’ products; in a nutshell, uncompromising quality for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Wevo facts & figures

  • More than 2 billion components casted, bonded or sealed with Wevo products every year
  • 53 export countries served by Wevo
  • Two Asian subsidiaries established by Wevo – in mainland China and Hong Kong
  • 1,200 customers from various industries using our resin systems
  • More than 400 Wevo resin formulations available worldwide
  • 100 test days a year performed for our customers at Wevo’s Technical Centre
  • 75 years of experience in product development and application technology
  • 1st supplier in our sector with ISO/TS 16949 certification