Wevo provides light

State-of-the-art lighting systems must not only be bright, but also energy-efficient and durable. Wevo products offer solutions for a wide range of applications, for example automotive lighting, street lighting and high-power spotlights for show stages or lighting in greenhouses (horticultural lighting).

Transparent potting resins and gels protect LEDs from, for example, UV radiation, moisture, dust and corrosive gases. Thermally conductive potting compounds and gap fillers ensure effective heat dissipation at high operating temperatures. 

Adhesives and sealants used in vehicle lamps prevent the formation of tension cracks in the housings and fogging on the inside. Learn more about our automotive lighting solutions here

Lamps for the Home/Consumer segment also benefit from innovative Wevo materials. Click here to find out more.

Wevo makes high-power LEDs possible

Close-pitch LED bars – that is, LED bars on which the LEDs are closely spaced – used for greenhouse lighting and high-power spotlights for show stages generate high operating temperatures. Individual potting compounds and gap fillers from Wevo ensure effective heat dissipation from the LED modules to the heat sink.