Solar power inverters have sensitive capacitors for interim storage of the generated electricity, and for these components our resins provide reliable flame protection and electrical insulation. In electrical components Wevo casting compounds ensure safety in the event of accidents by providing protection against overvoltage and switching off PV systems if fire breaks out.

In wind turbines Wevo casting compounds are used to bond permanent magnets and encapsulate generator windings. They also provide essential electrical insulation and protection against ambient conditions, such as salt mist in offshore wind farms. An emergency power supply ensures that the rotors are feathered under storm conditions, with the required power capacitors or battery modules also sustainably protected by our products.

Product features

  • Flame-retardant properties in accordance with UL 94 V-0
  • Low loss factor
  • Good electrical properties
  • Good flow properties
  • Good adhesion to plastics, metals, and also partially to glass
  • Good resistance to weathering
  • Good impregnation
  • High long-term temperature resistance
  • High mechanical durability
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Dielectric value as far as possible frequency independent
  • Low water absorption, damp resistant (Damp Heat Test 1000 hours, 85 % relative humidity, 85 °C)
  • Very good temperature shock and temperature change behaviour

In frequency convertors, our potting compounds provide excellent heat dissipation and flame-resistance.

Solar power inverter

Solar power inverters, which are a key part of every photovoltaic system, contain sensitive inductors in the form of chokes and transformers. Wevo casting compounds provide effective heat removal to prevent components from overheating. These compounds must be thermally conductive and able to withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 130 or 155 °C. In addition, Wevo casting compounds dampen irritating noises and vibrations, keep components firmly in place and ensure the durability of the unit.